Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day

Thanks to Aunt Kristen we were able to enjoy a fabulous 4th of July with friends and family. Good food, Good times and Great people. Here are a few highlights. They are in reverse order so enjoy from evening to morning. A special thank you goes out to "Troy" it is his home we are partying at, his boat we used to tube and his seadoos we borrowed. Thanks so much Troy for helping make a great family memory. We ended our evening at the Stewart's home and really enjoyed the light show and we are grateful for the invitation this year. It was a fun filled evening.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

My littlest, buddy boy, graduated from Kindergarten today and I am oh so proud of him. He has shown throughout the year truly how capable he is of excelling, learning, growing, controlling, loving and wonderful he truly is. I have always known this, of course, but now others do too. He has made lots of new friends this year and it has been a joy to see him learn how to keep his behavior in tact in the classroom. I am sure his teacher had her doubts at times but even she says he has come so far this year. He knows all of his Kindergarten sight words, he can count to way more than 100 and he can do art like the best of them. He'll tell you his favorite subject is recess but really I think he just loves school in general. Here are some photos of today's events and a few of his friends.

My Buddy Boy - Isn't he so handsome!

Here he is getting his diploma

His diploma!

Mrs. Siva and Nicholas

Nicholas Loves his dad! (Mom too! I am just the designated picture taker.)

Below are some pictures of friends he's kept and new friends he has made throughout the year.
Friends are what keep us going in life...especially Nicholas. He loves his friends.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Boys playing army

So the other morning as I was getting ready for church I came up on this scene....

My thought was I love these boys and they are all playing nicely. It was an intricate game and there was a lot of strategy involved. But the best strategy was the memory that was in the making. Isn't childhood all about making memories and as a parent if we can make the good, positive memories outweigh the not so positive we have to be doing something right. Well I have to say Dad is amazing when it comes to making good memories. He is my boys' greatest friend and i love him more for it. The kids' love him and they want to play with him. He gets down on their level, he thinks like them, and he is also a great mediator. They played for over an hour and instead of arguing and frustration, it was giggles, smiles and well...and all around good, positive memory. I love Dad and so do they...we are a happy family.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Holdiays from the Grovers 2010

I got some cards out in the mail this year but not nearly enough and I am sorry to those who didn't receive one personally. You are in our thoughts, memories and photo albums. I haven't been great about blogging each event because i focus on scrapbooking them but our year has been full of family vacations, birthdays, sporting events, drama, art and oh so much more. Happy New Year to you all!